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Margin Shares List for : Sigma Capital Holding Co.

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Share Name Symbol Lending% ** Margin Stock SDT Stock
10th of Ramadan for Medicine Industries RMDA 100 Yes Yes
A Capital Holding ACAP 80 Yes Yes
AJWA for Food Industries company Egypt AJWA 80 Yes Yes
Abou Kir Fertilizers ABUK 100 Yes Yes
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- Egypt ADIB 100 Yes Yes
Al Baraka Bank Egypt SAUD 50 Yes Yes
Al Tawfeek Leasing Company-A.T.LEASE ATLC 50 Yes Yes
Alexandria Containers and goods ALCN 100 Yes Yes
Alexandria Flour Mills AFMC 25 Yes Yes
Alexandria Mineral Oils Company AMOC 100 Yes Yes
Alexandria Spinning and Weaving - SPINALEX SPIN 25 Yes Yes
Amer Group Holding AMER 100 Yes Yes
Arab Aluminum ALUM 80 Yes Yes
Arab Ceramics - Ceramic Remas CERA 80 Yes Yes
Arab Co. for Asset Management And Development ACAMD 50 Yes Yes
Arab Cotton Ginning ACGC 100 Yes Yes
Arab Developers Holding ARAB 100 Yes Yes
Arab Gathering Investment AMIA 80 Yes Yes
Arab Real Estate Investment (ALCO) RREI 50 Yes Yes
Arab Valves Company ARVA 50 Yes Yes
Arabia Investments Holding AIH 100 Yes Yes
Arabian Cement ARCC 50 Yes Yes
Arabian Food Industries DOMTY DOMT 50 Yes Yes
Asek Company for Mining - Ascom ASCM 80 Yes Yes
Aspire Capital Holding For Financial Investments ASPI 50 Yes Yes
Atlas For Investment and Food Industries AIFI 80 Yes Yes
BPE Holding For Financial Investments BINV 100 Yes Yes
Beltone Financial Holding BTFH 100 Yes Yes
C I Capital Holding CICH 80 Yes Yes
Cairo Investment and Real Estate Development CIRA 80 Yes Yes
Cairo Oils and Soap COSG 100 Yes Yes
Cairo Poultry POUL 100 Yes Yes
Canal Shipping Agencies CSAG 80 Yes Yes
Ceramic and Porcelain PRCL 100 Yes Yes
Cleopatra Hospital Company CLHO 50 Yes Yes
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) COMI 100 Yes Yes
Copper For Commercial Investment & Real Estate Development COPR 50 Yes Yes
Credit Agricole Egypt CIEB 100 Yes Yes
Delta Sugar SUGR 100 Yes Yes
Dice Sport and Casual Wear DSCW 100 Yes Yes
E-Finance For Digital and Financial Investements SAE EFIH 100 Yes Yes
EFG Holding HRHO 100 Yes Yes
Eastern Tobacco EAST 100 Yes Yes
Edita Food Industries EFID 80 Yes Yes
Egypt Aluminum EGAL 100 Yes Yes
Egypt for Poultry EPCO 50 Yes Yes
Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima) EGCH 100 Yes Yes
Egyptian Electrical Cables ELEC 80 Yes Yes
Egyptian Financial and Industrial EFIC 80 Yes Yes
Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals (EIPICO) PHAR 100 Yes Yes
Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding-EGP EKHOA 100 Yes Yes
Egyptian Media Production City MPRC 100 Yes Yes
Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS) ETRS 100 Yes Yes
Egyptian for Developing Building Materials EDBM 50 Yes Yes
Egyptian for Tourism Resorts EGTS 80 Yes Yes
Egyptians For Investment & Urban Development EIUD 50 Yes Yes
Egyptians Housing Development and Reconstruction EHDR 100 Yes Yes
El Ahli Investment and Development AFDI 100 Yes Yes
El Arabia Engineering Industries EEII 50 Yes Yes
El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma) ECAP 80 Yes Yes
El Ezz Steel Rebars ESRS 100 Yes Yes
El Kahera Housing ELKA 80 Yes Yes
El Nasr Clothes and Textiles - Kabo KABO 80 Yes Yes
El Obour Real Estate Investment OBRI 50 Yes Yes
El Shams Housing and Urbanization ELSH 100 Yes Yes
Emaar Misr for Development EMFD 100 Yes Yes
Engineering Industries - ICON ENGC 50 Yes Yes
Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE) EXPA 80 Yes Yes
Extracted Oils ZEOT 50 Yes Yes
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGP FAIT 25 Yes Yes
Fawry for Banks Technology FWRY 100 Yes Yes
GB Corp GBCO 100 Yes Yes
Gadwa For Industrial Development GDWA 50 Yes Yes
General Silos and Storage GSSC 25 Yes Yes
Gharbia Islamic Housing Development GIHD 50 Yes Yes
Giza General Contracting GGCC 80 Yes Yes
Glaxo Smith Kline BIOC 25 Yes Yes
Heliopolis Housing HELI 100 Yes Yes
Housing and Development Bank HDBK 80 Yes Yes
Ibnsina Pharma ISPH 100 Yes Yes
Industrial and Engineering Projects IEEC 50 Yes Yes
International Agricultural Products IFAP 100 Yes Yes
International Co For Investment and Development ICID 50 Yes Yes
International Company For Fertilizers and Chemicals ICFC 25 Yes Yes
Iron and steel for mines and quarries ISMQ 100 Yes Yes
Ismailia Misr Poultry ISMA 100 Yes Yes
Ismailia National Food Industries INFI 50 Yes Yes
Juhayna Food Industries JUFO 100 Yes Yes
Kafr El Zayat Pesticides KZPC 80 Yes Yes
Lecico Egypt LCSW 80 Yes Yes
MM Group For Industry And International Trade MTIE 100 Yes Yes
Macro Group Pharmaceuticals -Macro Capital MCRO 50 Yes Yes
Mansourah Poultry MPCO 50 Yes Yes
Medical Packaging Company MEPA 50 Yes Yes
Medinet Masr Housing MASR 100 Yes Yes
Memphis Pharmaceuticals MPCI 25 Yes Yes
Mena Touristic and Real Estate Investment MENA 100 Yes Yes
Misr Cement (Qena) MCQE 100 Yes Yes
Misr Chemical Industries MICH 80 Yes Yes
Misr Fretilizers Production Company - Mopco MFPC 100 Yes Yes
Misr National Steel - Ataqa ATQA 100 Yes Yes
Nahr El Kheir for Dev. Agricultural Inv. and Ecological Services SAE KRDI 50 Yes Yes
Nasr Company for Civil Works NCCW 80 Yes Yes
Natural Gas and Mining Project (Egypt Gas) EGAS 100 Yes Yes
Northern Upper Egypt Development and Agricultural Production NEDA 50 Yes Yes
ODIN Investments ODIN 50 Yes Yes
Obour Land For Food Industries OLFI 80 Yes Yes
Orascom Construction Limited ORAS 100 Yes Yes
Orascom Development Egypt ORHD 100 Yes Yes
Orascom Financial Holding OFH 80 Yes Yes
Orascom Investment Holding OIH 100 Yes Yes
Oriental Weavers ORWE 100 Yes Yes
Palm Hills Development Company PHDC 100 Yes Yes
Pioneers Properties For Urban Development(PREDCO) PRDC 50 Yes Yes
Prime Holding PRMH 25 Yes Yes
Qalaa Holding - Common Shares CCAP 100 Yes Yes
Qatar National Bank Alahly QNBA 25 Yes Yes
Rakta Paper Manufacturing RAKT 25 Yes Yes
Raya Contact Center RACC 100 Yes Yes
Raya Holding For Financial Investments RAYA 100 Yes Yes
Reacap Financial Investments REAC 25 Yes Yes
Rubex Plastics RUBX 25 Yes Yes
Samad Misr -EGYFERT SMFR 25 Yes Yes
Sharkia National Food SNFC 50 Yes Yes
Sharm Dreams Co. for Tourism Investment SDTI 80 Yes Yes
Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals SKPC 100 Yes Yes
Six of October Development and Investment (SODIC) OCDI 100 Yes Yes
South Valley Cement SVCE 80 Yes Yes
Speed Medical SPMD 80 Yes Yes
Suez Canal Bank CANA 25 Yes Yes
T M G Holding TMGH 100 Yes Yes
Taaleem Management Services TALM 80 Yes Yes
Taqa Arabia TAQA 100 Yes Yes
Telecom Egypt ETEL 100 Yes Yes
The Arab Dairy Products Co. ARAB DAIRY - PANDA ADPC 50 Yes Yes
The Egyptian Modern Education Systems MOED 80 Yes Yes
United Housing and Development UNIT 50 Yes Yes
Universal For Paper and Packaging Materials (Unipack UNIP 50 Yes Yes
Upper Egypt Contracting UEGC 80 Yes Yes
Upper Egypt Flour Mills UEFM 25 Yes Yes
Wadi Kom Ombo Land Reclamation WKOL 50 Yes Yes
Zahraa Maadi Investment and Development ZMID 100 Yes Yes
Acrow Misr ACRO 50 No Yes
Arab For Development & Real Estate ADRI 100 No No
Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding EKHO 100 No Yes
Egyptians For Housing & Development Co. Subscription Rights -1 EHDR_R1 100 No No
Egyptians For Investment and Development Subscription Rights - 1 EIUD_R1 50 No No
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In US Dollars FAITA 80 No Yes
General Company For Land Reclamation Development and Reconst AALR 50 No Yes
Integrated Group for Engineering business INEG 25 No Yes
International Company for Midical Indistries ICMI ICMI 80 No Yes
Maridive and oil services MOIL 100 No Yes
Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya For Holding Investment MAAL 50 No Yes
Rights Issue Of Egyptian Chemical Industries Kima-3 EGCH_R3 100 No No
Rights Issue Of Industrial & Engineering Enterprises Co. -2 IEEC_R2 50 No No

** CMA decree No. 67 dated 27-04-2014.